Whistleblower Program

We provide a confidential avenue for reporting concerns, ensuring a culture of trust and accountability.
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It is the policy of Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit that its operations are conducted according to the highest standard of integrity and that its officers, directors, and employees observe high standards of business and personal ethics while conducting their duties and responsibilities.
As representatives of Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit, all applicable laws and regulations must be followed and honesty and integrity must be practiced in fulfilling all responsibilities taken on behalf of Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit. The Whistleblower Program is intended to encourage and enable the reporting of concerns in order to prevent, detect and correct improper activities.


Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit’s Whistleblower Program covers situations where any individual (the whistleblower) raises a concern about a risk or wrongdoing related, to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, misconduct or fraud that affects stockholder-customers, employees, third-party agents or vendors of services, Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit, or the public interest.


Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit’s Whistleblower Program is administered and overseen by the Audit Committee of Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit’s Board of Directors. A whistleblower may report a concern confidentially to the Audit Committee or anonymously with an independent, third-party vendor – Lighthouse Services.

Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit maintains the Whistleblower Program as a confidential and anonymous vehicle for any and all whistleblowers to submit concerns and information. All reports will be treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.
To submit a report directly to the Audit Committee, contact:

Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit
Attn. Jeff Sutton
2970 Davison Court Colusa, CA 95932

To report to Lighthouse Services:
Email: reports@lighthouseservices.com
Phone: (866) 860-0008
Fax: (215) 689-3885 (Must include company name with report)