Meet our Board of Directors

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Meet our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit comprises 10 members. Eight directors, who are customers of Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit, are elected by the voting membership to represent one of four districts. The board of directors appoints the remaining two directors.

Michael Doherty

Chairman of the Board

Michael Doherty, serving over 21 years on the Board of Directors and as Chairman since 2014, represents Williams, Arbuckle, and Grimes. Besides his board role, he's actively involved in organizations like Colusa and Glenn County Farm Supply, and the Arbuckle-College City Fire Protection District. With his wife Amy, he manages Chamisal Creek Ranch, specializing in almonds, wine grapes, and high-density olives. Michael also chairs Cortina Hulling & Shelling, Dunnigan Hills Hulling & Shelling, Grindstone Winery, and Cook Place Partners.

Herb Holzapfel

Chief Executive Officer

Herb Holzapfel, a former Chairman, has been on the Board of Directors for over 36 years, currently serving as Vice-Chairman, representing the Willows, Bayliss, Artois area. He also serves as a Director for the Farm Credit Council (Director and Chairman of the Governance Committee) and Farmers Rice Cooperative (Former Chairman), representing our Association’s interests on a system-wide level. Herb, a rice grower and cattle rancher in Glenn County, brings extensive agricultural experience to the board.

Jeff Sutton

Chairman of the Audit Committee

Jeff Sutton, Attorney at Law, elected to the Board in 2017, is one of our appointed Directors and currently serves as the Chairman of the Association’s Audit Committee. Residing in Colusa with his family, Jeff is the General Manager/Attorney at Tehama Colusa Canal Authority. He also holds Director positions on the North Sacramento Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Board and the Sites Joint Power Authority Board. Well-versed in Northern California water issues, Jeff is a valuable source of information and a strong representative for our Association.

Chris Bonacorsi

Vice Chairman of the Audit Committee

Chris Bonacorsi has been a Board member for over 16 years and is one of our Appointed Directors. Former Chairman of the Audit Committee, Chris, a Certified Public Accountant and Principal at K-Coe Isom, resides in Chico with his family. His client-focused expertise spans tax planning, credits, mergers, liquidations, and reorganizations for growers, producers, processors, manufacturers, and closely-held businesses. Chris, a University of California, Davis graduate, also serves as a Director for K-Coe Isom and has been involved with the Boys & Girls Club Community Board and Matson and Isom Accounting Corporation.

Francis Hickel

Chairman of the Governance, Risk & Compliance Committee

Francis Hickel was elected to the Board in 2017, representing the Colusa territory. In addition to his role on the Board, Francis, a first-generation rice farmer, currently cultivates rice in Colusa County and provides services to other local farmers. Born and raised in the Colusa area, he is actively involved in the Colusa Rotary committee and serves as a Board Member on the Colusa Basin Drainage District. Francis is also affiliated with Colusa Rice Company, holding positions as Owner, Board Member, and CFO, and is associated with Zumwalt Mutual Water District.

Susan LaGrande

Vice Chairman of the Governance, Risk, & Compliance Committee

Susan LaGrande, elected to the Board in 2018 for the Colusa territory, is a graduate of Williams High School and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She also earned a Master of Business Administration from St. Mary’s College, Moraga. Residing in Colusa, Susan's farming operation focuses on wine grapes. With a background in Government Relations for Agriculture in the State of California, she served for 16 years before being appointed as Deputy Director for Legislation at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Currently, Susan serves as a Senior Policy Advisor for Smith Policy Groups.

Craig Felix


Craig has been a member of the Board of Directors for one year, representing the Maxwell, Delevan, Princeton area in our territory. Residing with his family in Maxwell, Craig is a graduate of California State University, Chico. In addition to his role on the Association's Board, Craig serves as a director of the Farm Service Agency and as Vice President of Colusa Youth Shooting Sports. His farming operation includes rice, almonds, walnuts, and hay.

Gregg McCorkle


Gregg oversees a diverse agricultural portfolio in Glenn County, managing rice, alfalfa hay, grain hay, olives, almonds, and prunes, alongside cattle and trucking businesses. Appointed to the Board in 2021, representing the Willows, Bayliss, Artois area, he fills the seat of retiring Director Amaro. In addition to his Board role, Gregg serves as the Director of Kirkwood Irrigation District and President of Glenn Golf and Country Club. Gregg holds an AA degree in Agricultural Business from Butte College and has immediate family members with Association loans in 2021.

Judy Parker


Judy Parker was elected to the Board of Directors in 2022, representing the Williams, Arbuckle, and Grimes area in our territory. A graduate of Williams High School, Judy holds an Associate of Science Degree in Agricultural Business from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Currently residing in Williams with her family, Judy cultivates rice and walnuts and operates a cow/calf operation on her family farm and ranch in Colusa County. Additionally, she is a member of Glenn-Colusa Cattlewomen.

Matt Southam


Elected to the Board in 2018, Matt Southam represents the Maxwell, Delevan, Princeton area. Based in Durham, Matt, a Princeton High School graduate, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Business from California State University, Chico. Managing a farming operation with walnuts and rice, he oversees Southam Orchards LLC and serves as a Partner in several ventures, including Southam Joint Venture, Southam Walnut Huller & Dryer (which he also manages), Omega Walnut, and McCowan & Southam. Additionally, Matt is a Director at the Central Valley Rice Cooperative, Omega Walnut, and Maxwell Irrigation District (Vice Chairman).