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Our mission is to support rural communities and agriculture with reliable consistent credit and financial services, today and tomorrow.
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Growing with you,

We are dedicated to evolving alongside you, offering continuous support throughout the year to cultivate your success in agriculture. This commitment goes beyond financial management; it means joining a financial family that is community-focused, knowledgeable about agriculture, and dedicated to fostering growth.

1. Community Focused
With a strong connection to the local landscape, we understand the unique challenges faced by local farmers. By banking with us, individuals benefit from a financial institution that not only serves their financing needs but is also actively involved in supporting and uplifting the local community.
2. Agricultural Expertise
Our robust agricultural background provides members with unparalleled industry insight, allowing us to tailor financial solutions to the specific needs of farmers and agricultural businesses, being a valuable partner in navigating industry complexities.
3. Long-standing Tradition of Trust
We believe in growing together, year-round. Our services extend beyond standard banking transactions; we actively seek opportunities to support our members' growth, offering a collaborative approach to ensure their financial goals are met.

A loan to meet your needs.

Our goal is to provide adaptable loans and financial services, offering support to small family farms, extensive operations, and all scales in between, guiding our members through every stage of their agricultural journey.
Community Support
Competitive Rates
Flexible Loan Options
Risk Management
Local Decision Making
Tailored Loans
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The Youth Lending Program provides interest-free funds to youth from Colusa and Glenn Counties who participate in livestock projects.
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Equipment & Machinery
We provide flexible financing solutions ranging from one to 10-year term loans that are offered with variable or fixed rates.
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Real Estate
We offer financing for farmland purchases, debt refinancing, orchard development, long-term property improvements and more.
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An operating line of credit with us can provide the capital you need to make the most of your farming operation.
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Colusa-Glenn Farm Credit has partnered with Farm Credit Leasing to offer lease financing for our members.
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Country Home Loans
We offer rural residential financing through the Country Home Loan Program.
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YBS Program
We help young, beginning, and small farmers who can demonstrate responsibility, good work ethic and follow through.
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Kickstart your agricultural journey with us.

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Celebrating our
members and their stories.

+69: Interest-Free Loans for a total of $89,059.
$33,756.50: Colusa & Glenn County Junior Livestock Auctions.
$10,000: Allocated to the Funding Future Farmers Program.
$20,000: Allocated for scholarships to graduates from Colusa & Glenn Counties.
3 Interships: Facilitated for college students.

Our impact
in the community.

Building community is integral to us because it serves as the foundation for positive transformation, fostering growth through impactful initiatives and dedicated support.
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